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Types of Services

Types of Services

Water damage repair and cleanup is often a multi-step process involving several services. And since no two water emergencies are the same, action plans should be fully customized to each situation and building.

Typical Costs

Typical Costs

Water damage emergencies vary greatly. So do their costs. The size of the damaged area, the extent of the damage, the water quality, and your location all factor into the price tag you’ll face after restoration is complete.

Water Damage Checklist

Water Damage Checklist

Experiencing water damage can be a traumatic event. Even the most prepared individuals can feel overwhelmed by the damage and its aftermath. Many people simply have no idea where to begin.

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What happens during a flood?

Floods, leaks and other water emergencies damage structures in more ways than you may realize. And it happens quickly. Take a look inside our water damage model to see the toll it can take on your home.

  1. Ceilings sag from high water levels and excess humidity.
  2. Hydrodynamic loads can cause pressure damage.
  3. Soaked carpeting and upholstered furniture begin microbial growth right away.
  4. Hardwood floors buckle from the moisture.
  5. Sewage backup can lead to serious health problems.
  6. Cellulose insulation is destroyed.
  7. Drywall and gypsum board can swell, breaking at the seams.
  8. Furniture is damaged.
  9. Walls and floors crack or collapse due to hydro-static loads.
  10. Foundations can weaken from embedded silt and soil.
Home Water Leakage Demonstration
During a flood, peak damage occurs in 1-2 days. Mold growth starts in just hours. Many of these problems can be avoided or corrected by a professional water restoration service, but only if you act now.

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Understanding Insurance

When you receive service from, your provider will handle the insurance claims process for you. While you won’t have to deal with phone calls and paperwork, it’s important to understand what type of insurance offers the best protection, and how and when you should use it.

Homeowners Insurance – Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover water damage that results from a flood. Because this type of damage can be so catastrophic, insurance companies view flooding as too big a risk to cover.

Many will, however, cover water damage that occurs during a thunderstorm – say, when a tree branch crashes through your window and rain pours inside your home. But, if improper home maintenance is to blame – a slow-leaking pipe or worn toilet gaskets – your insurance company may deny your claim.

Typically, homeowners insurance policies cover the following accidents:

  • A sudden burst or broken pipe
  • An overflowing sink or tub
  • Appliance hose break
  • Clogged and overflowing toilet
  • Incoming water from a damaged roof

Homeowners insurance is definitely a good bet. Just be aware that your policy may not cover all types of water damage.

Flood Insurance – Flood insurance covers damage that is the direct result of flooding. So if your sewer line backs up because of a flood, you’re likely covered. If it backs up because your child flushed a toy down the toilet, you’re not.

To help property owners understand flood risk, the federal government classifies all areas as either high-risk, or medium-to-low risk. Structures in high-risk flood zones are obviously most prone to flooding. In fact, flood insurance is required if you purchase a home in a high-risk zone.

It’s also required if changes to your local flood map alter your flood status, or your property has previously received a federal disaster payout and you’re still paying off the loan. Otherwise, flood insurance is voluntary. But keep in mind that nearly 25% of all flood insurance claims are filed by people in medium and low risk zones.

Check out for more information on flood insurance and your susceptibility to flooding.

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