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What happens during a flood?

Floods, leaks and other water emergencies damage structures in more ways than you may realize. And it happens quickly. Take a look inside our water damage model to see the toll it can take on your home.

  1. Ceilings sag from high water levels and excess humidity.
  2. Hydrodynamic loads can cause pressure damage.
  3. Soaked carpeting and upholstered furniture begin microbial growth right away.
  4. Hardwood floors buckle from the moisture.
  5. Sewage backup can lead to serious health problems.
  6. Cellulose insulation is destroyed.
  7. Drywall and gypsum board can swell, breaking at the seams.
  8. Furniture is damaged.
  9. Walls and floors crack or collapse due to hydro-static loads.
  10. Foundations can weaken from embedded silt and soil.
Home Water Leakage Demonstration
During a flood, peak damage occurs in 1-2 days. Mold growth starts in just hours. Many of these problems can be avoided or corrected by a professional water restoration service, but only if you act now.

Call your local water restoration expert to save your home or business today.